Manufarm offers DfAM for high-performance, lightweight products.

We bear the cost and time burden of learning and using professional design software.

We create designs quickly and accurately to increase product value, competitiveness, and productivity at the same time.

Expected Performance

  • Utilize high design freedom,                                                                                         which is the biggest strength of additive manufacturing
  • Utilize optimal design technology                                                                                   to reduce weight and increase stiffness of parts
  • Reduce production cycles by integrating multiple parts
  • Redesign to reduce process failures and increase output quality.


Design Preparation (Basic Design)

2D → 3D Modeling  Change

Additive Manufacturing Custom Redesign 

Manufacturability Check

(Optimal Design)

Topology optimization

Hollowing  & Lattice design

Generative design

Practicality Verification 

(Structural Analysis)

Stiffness / Heat transfer / Thermal Stress / Fatigue

Drop / Modal / Resonance Frequency

Durability for Usage