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· Client  : Henkel Home Care Korea

· Role     : 


Re-designing parts and 3D printing for pest extermination production 

An innovative solution with Henkel Home Care Korea, the No. 1 domestic pesticide market. 

 Roach Killing Bait 'combat'

[ Parts to be consulted  ]

Bracket to separate the combat case

1. Selecting Product 

Part used to separate the case in the automated  production process.

2. Analyzing problems with the product

 Previously, parts were manufactured by welding, 

but problems occurred due to the deformation of the welding part and the weld bead. 

Parts completeness reduced 

Horizontality and coupling rate are reduced. 

Post processing or separate device required 

The biggest problem


When separating the case, 

Case could not be separated accurately, 

or could be torn or crumpled. 

3. 1st Solution Proposal

3D Modeling

Changing Material and Manufacturing Method

3D Printing

The previous part used customized metal pieces without any design.

For reproduction,
We used 3D modeling based on accurate measurements.
then 3D printed using Onyx + Carbon Fiber material. 

This part does not require post-processing and is perfectly assembled in the process line. 

With 3D printing, we were able to produce small quantities, fast, and save money and increase work efficiency. 

4. 2st Solution Proposal 

Optimized Design 

Topology Optimization 

Hybrid Manufacturing 

Metal & Composite materials 

Harvestance not only changed the material and method to 3D printing, 

but also considered solutions that went beyond the customer's requirements.

The front part is made with 3D printing using metal materials to reduce wear 

and reduced material costs and weight by leveraging Topology Optimization.



  • Made of metal piece assembly without drawing 
  • Supply and Demand period and Cost burden 
  • When parts are worn, supply problems occur and product delivery is disrupted. 

Our Solution

  • 3D modeling based on accurate measurements. 
  • Reduced production costs and time with 3D printing 
  • reduced wear & increased durability Using different materials by area according to the usage